Security forces raid Turkish union office

Below is a statement from Liman-Is, the National Port and Land Stevedores Union of Turkey.


 Head Office of our union has been raided by Security Forces on 25 March 2013, about 05:30. Serious financial damage has been done by means that the building gateway, entrance door and accounting office door have been broken on which our head office was, at raid which has been done without required to inform to any authority.

When our head office manager has come to the Union, it has been asserted that they scoured Liman-Is former Chairman Hasan Biber. Hasan Biber was selected as Chairman in 1992, and resigned following defeat in general meeting on 4-5 September 1999. From the founding of the Union until today, while all managers’ information is in Ankara Police Office Unions Department, it is impossible that Security Forces don’t know the mentioned person has resigned from our Union in 1999, and does not interrelate to our Union.

If the real purpose of raid is to get information about Former Chairman Hasan Biber, it is required to be consulted principally with our Union Managers. In this circumstance, our Union’s door will be opened to them without requiring to be broken, and provided all kind of aid to investigate about this subject.

It has brought our Union under suspicion before Public Opinion with this raid, which has been done without using this means required to be followed normally. This negative image, which is about our Union, is bigger than the caused financial damage. In consequence of investigation, it has been investigated fingerprint in all building, but any document and computer record has not been get, has not been taken somebody in charge. It has been arranged report related to investigation, signed to our managers, but one copy has not been given to us despite our demand.

In case of arbitrary and uninformed investigation, our Union has been stuck in difficult situation. Liman-Is Union is a democratic mass organization which struggles in order to protect the workers’ rights and benefits. It is considered that it has been raided as though it is a criminal enterprise, is to be a part to play the Unions false.

As Liman-Is Union; we strongly censure any terror and criticize the illegal raid on our Union.

Best regards




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